Configure the Zebera TPL 2824-Z Printer

Asset Tag: CTX-00154
Device: TPL 2824-Z

This article explains how to configure the Zebera TPL 2824-Z Printer which is part of the TNT+ Test & Tag machine.

You will need to install the Zebra Setup Utilities before you continue.

  1. Connect the TPL 2824-Z Printer to your computer via USB

  2. Launch the Zebera Setup Utilities, and make sure the printer appears in the list. If not, click the Install New Printer button and follow the wizard.

    Zebera Setup Utilities

  3. Click the Configure Printer Settings button

  4. Enter in the label parameters:

    Units: mm
    Width: 42.7
    Height: 96.0
    Orientation: Normal

    zebra label parameters

    Click Next

  5. Leave the speed and darkness as default

    Speed: 50.8 mm/s
    Darkness: 15

    zebra speed and darkness

    Click Next

  6. Set the media parameters to the following values

    Print Mode: Direct
    Media Type: Web Sensing
    Tear Off Adjust: 0.00
    Label Shift: 0.00

    zebra media

    Click Next

  7. Set the advanced settings to the following:

    Media Handling: Tear Off
    Media feed options: Feed to Next Label
    Backfeed: Before printing
    Mirror Image: No
    ZPL Mode: ZPL II

    zebera advanced settings

  8. There is no need to set the realtime clock.

    zebra realtime clock

    Click Next

  9. You can leave the Front Panel Protection settings as default

    zebera front panel protection

    Click Next

  10. On the Sensor Settings page, set the Media Sensor to 100

    Media Sensor: 100

    zebera sensor settings

    Click Next

  11. Click Finish to complete.

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