Print a Test Label on the TLP 2824-Z

Asset Tag: CTX-00154
Device: TPL 2824-Z

This article explains how to print a test label to the Zebera TLP 2824-Z

You will need to install the Zebra Setup Utilities before you continue.

  1. Connect the TPL 2824-Z Printer to your computer via USB

  2. Launch the Zebera Setup Utilities, and make sure the printer appears in the list. If not, click the Install New Printer button and follow the wizard.

    Zebera Setup Utilities

  3. Click the Open Printer Tools Button

  4. Select Print configuration label then click Send

    zebra printer commands

  5. The printer will produce a sample label with the printer configuration on it.

    zebera printer configuration

Printing Sample Test Labels

  1. Run the Printer Test Program

  2. Click the Show Printers button and select the correct printer.

    zebera select printer

  3. Click the Print My Labels Button

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