Comtex Projects

Comtex provides tailored solutions to meet your requirements.

Barangaroo Towers-BMs & Ems Services

Hilton Melbourne -DAS Install

NSW Fire & Rescue Greenacre-Electrical Services

MCG -DAS Install

Parramatta Leagues Club-Electrical Services

High Point Shopping Centre -DAS Install

Department of Education Parramatta-Communications Fit out

2 Bligh Street -Electrical & Communications Install

Dangrove Art Storage Facility-Electrical, communications ,security & WiFi install

Hisese Arena-DAS Install

IAG Darling Park-Communications Fit out

Bellerive Oval -DAS Install

Suncorp ,10 Shelly Street -Communications Fit out

Sydney Cricket Grounds-Communication, TV, security, Wi-Fi install and maintenance.

Challenger ,5 Martin Place Communications Fit out

SESLHD-Communications Install and maintenance.

St Francis Assissi School-Electrical & Communications install.

Sydney Childrens's Hospital-Communications Install and maintenance.

Pacific Hills Christian School-Electrical & Communications install.

St George Cancer Care-Electrical, communications & Wi-Fi install