Security Solutions

Comtex delivers reliable, scalable and future-proof solutions.

Why choose Us

We operate in a wide range of sectors including Government, Education, Healthcare & Hospitals, Motorways, Rail, Ports and Construction. We are experts in all aspects of system design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and upgrade.

Our Mission

We are commited to client satisfaction and strive to implement a comprehensive integrated solution across a range of disciplines, whilst continually seeking new and innovative ways to improve the capabilities and quality of the services we provide.

What you get

Comtex has over 25 years experience in the Australian security market. All our Technicians & Managers hold professional certification and undergo continuous development training.

TB of Video
Numberplates scanned

CCTV, VMS and Video Analytics

Including analogue and IP based solutions for all major enterprise level systems.

Access Control

Including integration to lifts, BMS, Intercom, CCTV and Visitor Management Systems

Building Management Systems

Integrate security with existing or new building Management Systems.

Intercom Systems

Traditional and IP based video and audio solutions.

Alarm and Duress Systems

Including fixed, wireless and man-down monitoring.

Monitoring & Patrols

24/7 Monitoring, Guards and Patrols.

CCTV Security Camera

CCTV, VMS and Video Analytics Systems

Comtex is at the forefront of introducing and integrating new technology into existing CCTV systems. Our devoted team of qualified and experienced technicians are ready to design and deliver top quality solutions for any requirements.
  • Video Management Systems
  • Thermal & Infrared Cameras
  • High Definition
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Video Analytics
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Access Control

Access Control

Comtex has designed and installed access control systems for some of Australia’s most secure facilities. We have trained technicians in a variety of access control systems, which means we can tailor a solution for your needs.
  • RFID
  • Biometrics
  • Protect company assets
  • Flexible & Scalable Solutions
  • Centralised Management
  • Centralised Management
Building Management Systems

Building Management Systems

Effective building management not only reduces carbon emissions and energy consumption, but also helps to in-crease the comfort of the internal environment for its occupants.
  • Lighting Control
  • HVAC Control
  • Access Control
  • Energy Management
  • Video Management
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Intercom Systems

Our intercom systems provide flexible solutions for smart buildings, supporting industry standard technologies with the additional ability to integrate into third party products and solutions.
  • Video and Audio Intercoms
  • IP Intercoms
  • Smart Doorbell
  • VoIP Intergations
  • Help Points
Alarms and Duress Alarms

Alarm and Duress Systems

Keep your assets and your workforce protected with tailored security alarm systems and Duress alarm systems. Our dedicated security specialists will work with you to design, install and manage the optimal security alarm system for your needs.
Intruder Detection

Deter, Detect and Respond to intruders with speed and accuracy. At Comtex, we use advanced systems to minimise false alarms, and maximise security.

Duress & Holdup Alarms

Duress and Hold Up systems make up an integral part of your security system, offering protection and confidence to employees and the organisation.

  • Fixed & Wireless
  • Perimiter Security
  • Alarm Integration
  • Advanced Motion Detection
  • Person Down Duress
  • Personal Duress
  • Remote, Lone or Isolated Worker
  • Mobile Workforce
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Security Guard

Security Monitoring & Patrols

Working with with our trusted A1 Grade alarm monitoring partners, we can provide 24/7 alarm monitoring, guards and patrols for any system. We utilise state of the art remote CCTV verification of alarms with immediate response.
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Patrols
  • Security Guards
  • Armed Guards

Some of our Valued Clients

We have had the honour of providing security solutions to some fantastic clients across a wide variety of industry sectors
Rail Clients

Rail Network

We continue with ongoing upgrades and cabling on well over 100 of Sydney Trains’ stations. This includes associated fibre optic and electrical works, analogue and IP CCTV & Help Point installations.
Rail Clients


Ongoing installations, maintenance and upgrade of CCTV systems on Sydney’s Motorways and traffic control rooms.
Rail Clients


Installation and maintenance of CCTV, integrated access control, muster and alarm systems at Port Botany, including hazardous area monitoring and perimeter detection.
Rail Clients

Government, Education and Public Spaces

We are proud to have completed security projects and continue to provide services to a range of high profile clients. Each with their own specific requirements, that rely on our skills and specific knowledge of their systems and procedures.
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