Passive Optical Networks

We design and construct GPON infrastructure and specialise in fibre network construction and management.

GPON Design and Management

Our experienced engineers, technicians and project managers design construct and manage future proof fibre networks that meet current requirements and allow for future upgrades.
GPON Design

Lower Cost

By converging multiple disparate networks into one GPON, customers save on installation, equipment and management.

Energy Efficient

GPON Equipment uses little or sometimes no power. Combined with fewer active components, our networks are eco friendly.

Converged Networks

Integrate multiple services into one fibre:
Security Data BMS Voice CCTV IPTV Free View DTV Cable TV Intercoms Nurse Call More ...

Space Saving

Our designs save on space. Fewer and smaller components means less space needed for equipment and more space back for you.

Faster Speeds

We design networks with speed in mind. From 1gbps to 10gbps, our networks are fast, scalable and reliable.

Unmatched Support

We dont just build and leave. Our managed services team are available to monitor, maintain and manage your GPON network freeing your IT team to focus on your business.

About GPON

Fibre Optic technologies future-proof your network investment.

Apartments, hotels and aged care providers are switching to a GPON not only because it saves them money, but it’s also future proof. The single fibre makes it easy to add new services and connections at any time.

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GPON Construction

Our experienced technicians construct future – proof fibre networks that meet current requirements and future upgrades.
GPON Design

Construction Capabilities:

  • Industrial, commercial and residential fibre networks
  • Ground excavation and civil works
  • Pit and pipe installation
  • Construction of head-end and fibre backhaul
  • Data installation
  • Low voltage systems


  • Convenience and flexibility of a converged GPON
  • Expertise of broad acre infrastructure and multi-dwelling unit installations
  • Diverse experience enables us to identify problems early and provide quick resolutions
  • Integration of multi-services – security, data, BMS, voice, CCTV, IPTV, free to air TV, cable TV, intercoms, nurse call systems, etc.
  • Peace of mind that your GPON is built using the latest technologies

Fibre Distribution Builds

Our cost effective GPON fibre distribution builds provide your subscribers with more bandwidth at faster speeds. Our teams are equipped with the latest fibre and data termination and test equipment, and we are endorsed by the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers.
GPON Fibre Distribution Build

Fibre distribution capabilities:

  • Fibre splicing
  • Installation of enclosures and conduits
  • Activation and commissioning of fibre networks
  • Testing and fault finding


  • Proven fibre to the premises (FTTP) systems and technologies
  • Endorsed by the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers
  • Fibre networks for telecommunications and enterprise environments
  • Effective OH&S procedures and policies

GPON to the Premises (FTTx)

When we connect your fibre network to the premises, we make sure we integrate all other networks onto the Gigabyte Passive Optical Network (GPON). We then offer cloud based managed services across your integrated communications network (ICN).
GPON to the Premise


  • Fibre to the Home (FTTH) and fibre to the premises (FTTP) installations
  • Under / above ground cabling
  • Integration of multiple services onto the single GPON (BMS, Wi-Fi, Cable TV, Free to air, etc.)
  • Managed cloud based services
  • Testing and commissioning


  • Lower installation costs with a single network
  • Complete project installation from a single supplier
  • Confidence that your network is operating 24/7

GPON Project Management

We manage every step of your GPON installation. One of our experienced project managers will be your single point of contact. You can track the progress of your project through our management reporting system.
GPON Management


  • Single point of contact
  • Planning and scheduling expertise
  • Cloud based project management reporting
  • Time and cost management skills
  • Problem solvers


  • Accuracy of project planning
  • Full transparency of project progress
  • On – time and within budget project delivery
  • Less time spent on managing multiple contractors
  • Issues resolved quickly and effectively

Download our Capability Statement

A short PDF outlining our capabilities in in GPON and ICN's.
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