Central Park

Project Details:

Central Park is the visionary redevelopment of the old Carlton & United Brewery site in Chippendale, Sydney. The expansive site allows for the development of around 235,000 sqm of residential, commercial and retail space.
  • Client:Central Park
  • Location:Chippendale, NSW

What we Did

PON Projects designed and installed a GPON network for the Central Park building, our scope included:

  • Built gigabit passive optical network (GPON)
  • Installed FTTH (Fibre to the Home) network for 1,900 apartments.
  • Constructed head-end and fibre backhaul to development
  • Connected services, such as building management services (BMS), Wi-Fi, pay TV and free-to-air.
  • Tested and integrated radio frequency (RF) and BMS services